Check Out Our Next Adventure: Toilet Karts!

While I was floating on Lake Austin, watching our guys try to wakeboard on a toilet, I began to think, “What else could we do with a toilet that we shouldn’t?”

Toilet karts were the next obvious thought. I promise you that it was not the last or the only idea, but it was definitely the next stunt that had to be done.

At Radiant, We Aren’t Afraid to Think Outside the Pipe

Toilet karts fit right in with both the company culture at Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning and Austin’s vibe of keeping things weird. We may spend most days offering home services like heating, air conditioning, drain cleaning, and plumbing, but we know how to have fun.

Work doesn’t have to be boring, and at Radiant, we strive to offer some of the best jobs in Austin to bring in the best workers in Austin. Our team loves what we do, and we aren’t afraid to take on a new project, no matter how weird it may be!

Our First Challenge: Toilet Kart Construction

How did we turn a couple of toilets into ready-to-drive go-karts? It wasn’t easy.

Lucky for us, we have a major team asset. Tim Ferguson is a master craftsman. He does sheetrock, trim, carpentry, cabinets, and basically, anything that we need outside of air conditioning, heating, or plumbing related repairs. When we need a job done, Tim makes it happen, and he does it masterfully.

After sketching a few designs on the whiteboard, Tim whipped out two incredible toilet karts. I was stunned when I first saw one! You can get a sneak-peak of these one-of-a-kind karts in our Toilet Karts Teaser below:



Ready to See Two Toilets Race?

To see these awesome karts in action, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and keep an eye out for our upcoming Toilet Kart video. We had an incredible time, and we can’t wait to share this new adventure with our customers.

Wondering how the Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning toilet kart races went? Well, there was only one crash that ended in an exploded toilet (and a little blood), so I see it as a complete success!

Stay tuned for our next stunt, and if you have any ideas, shoot them our way.