Austin Water Heater Rebates

Save $325.00 per year on your electric bill, and get $1,100.00 on rebates with no loss in performance. This is a no brainer. Poor electric only customers have been left in the dark ages as gas water heater technologies have been making quantum leaps. We now have Tankless water heaters, High Efficient water heaters in a myriad of flavors. If you have natural gas or propane, we have solutions that will really blow away your standard gas water heater. Now the electric customers can play.

If you are in the market for a new electric water heater, this is the one you want!  The heat pump technology isn’t anything new (it is how hour A/C system works), but packaging in onto your water heater in a convenient user friendly way has finally come of age.

Link to Austin Energy rebate
Link to Austin Energy rebate form
Link to Federal Tax Rebate

Choosing a heat pump water heater adds up to big savings:

  • Austin Energy rebate of $800
  • Annual energy saving up to $220
  • A total net savings over 10 years up to $3,000

Brad Casebier
Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning
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