8 Mistakes Technicians Make

A group of experienced Radiant technicians and managers got together to reflect on their careers and identify mistakes they made on their journey. They came up with a fascinating list of obstacles they encountered and more importantly, what can be done to overcome them and move forward in your career.

This article takes a closer look at number four: You’re Competing With Your Own Team. If you find this information useful, you can download the complete guide absolutely free.

#4 You’re Competing With Your Own Team

If your company has a “TV leaderboard,” you know exactly what we’re talking about. Most sales departments plaster individual sales results for all to see. They believe this will encourage their sales people to do even better, and they even challenge individuals to beat one another. As you know, no one ever wins in this situation. Not even the one at the top of the leaderboard this week, because they only have one place to go — down. This type of work environment can cause a great deal of stress and it breeds animosity among team members. Sound familiar? Here’s the cherry on top: sales departments give out periodic awards to employees for beating their teammates… in front of their teammates. No wonder none of them like each other. Here are a few ways things can be different:

1) You Win Or Lose As A Team

Transparency is key. That’s why we present our sales stats to each team member individually in a 1-on-1 setting with the employee’s manager. Their performance is compared to the average of the team, so they’ll know if they’re above or below average. This is a great incentive for self-improvement and creates an atmosphere of healthy competition that encourages personal growth while motivating you to find ways to support your team as a whole (without the antipathy).

2) The Buddy System

The Buddy System involves two colleagues teaming up for two months and supporting one another whenever needed. This is a great way to share skills and experience, collaborate to solve problems, and hold each other accountable to achieve any personal or professional goals. Buddies even host weekly training sessions to share what they’ve learned. These teams rotate every two months so you get to work closely with many different folks at your company.

3) A Balanced Reward System

We believe in focusing on various different areas of excellence when rewarding our team members. At Radiant, we have a weekly raffle that grants the winner a whole week free from working late shifts. Here’s what we considered when adding names to the hat: highest system close rate, highest duct average ticket (for HVAC techs) and least paperwork issues once a job is closed. This balanced approach gives credit for more than just simply sales.

You can download the complete guide, ‘8 Mistakes Technicians Make,’ absolutely free. 

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