5 Signs You Need Sewer Replacement from a Davenport Plumber

Sewer replacement from a Davenport plumber may be the next best choice you make in regards to maintaining a high level of quality with your plumbing. After all, a clogged sewer line is arguably the worst household plumbing problems because it can lead to some majorly unsanitary results, including toilet troubles and water buildup. It can also be an extensive process trying to replace it, as it requires a professional to dig up your lawn in order to get to the root of the problem. Your entire landscaping can be ruined just to have your sewer line replaced!

But don’t let that scare you away for service because while sewer line replacement is a time-consuming, in-depth process, it’s ultimately beneficial to the overall performance of your home’s plumbing. Even better, Radiant Plumbing offers quick, prompt service that attempts to have your sewer line replaced as soon as possible. Of course, if you want to get it done quickly, you first must know the signs telling you it’s time for sewer replacement.

When Should You Call a Davenport Plumber?

The most difficult thing about identifying the signs for sewer replacement is that your sewer line is mainly underground, and it’s not like you can just dig up your lawn at any moment. But there a few things to pick up on when you suspect problems are afoot:

  1. Puddling: Are you noticing your lawn is looking more like swamp by the day? Then it may be a sign that your sewer needs to be replaced. A malfunctioning sewer line can often bring with it puddling that can take your nice, green and turn it into an unsanitary wasteland. If you notice puddling is happening more and more, then call a professional for service.
  2. Strange Toiler Noises: One sign that your sewer needs to be replaced is when you begin to hear strange toilet noises. This sound is often a loud gurgling noise that can indicate that your sewer line isn’t working up to pat.
  3. Inconsistent Water Pressure: Your toiler should always have enough water to ensure greater sanitation and efficiency. However, if you notice inconsistent water pressure, it’s a sign that seer line replacement may be needed sooner than later.
  4. Wet Sinkhole Formation: In addition to puddling, a malfunctioning sewer line can create wet sinkholes in your lawn. This can ruin your lawn’s otherwise lavish appearance and make it unsafe. Call a professional to replace your sewer line at first sign of a sinkhole.
  5. Toilet Not Flushing Properly: Toilets should remove all waste with a single flush. However, it’s time to raise suspicion that your sewer line needs to be replaced once your toilet isn’t flushing or simply refuses to flush at all.

Contact Radiant Plumbing for a Davenport plumber to replace your sewer line today. Don’t all your plumbing to go to waste and call us now!