5 Fears Of Joining A New Company (And How Radiant Addresses Them)

Moving to a new company is always a risk — especially in the home service industry. Most plumbing and HVAC techs have horror stories to tell around the water cooler about anything from unpredictable work environments to suspicious paychecks. We have compiled a list of the five most common fears that technicians have when they join a new company, and what Radiant does to address those fears.  

Is Their Payment Process Transparent?

One of the biggest fears technicians have when they join a new company in the home service industry has to do with money. And for good reason. It’s not uncommon in our industry for technicians to be unsure of how much they’re owed on a monthly basis, with no way of knowing if they’re being ripped off. Most companies have adopted the “you make what you make” ethos, leaving their employees with more questions than answers. Radiant does things a little differently — we pay our employees every week. Our rockstar payroll team creates weekly payroll previews that are sent directly to all technicians. It gives the technicians a chance to reflect on their week’s work, see how much they’re owed for each job and ask questions. The key here is that this is all done before payroll is processed, leaving room for dialogue between technicians and managers to get on the same page. Transparency is integral to how we operate and managers work closely with their team to help them understand our pay plan.

Will Relocating Be Difficult?

Moving across the country to start over is a daunting prospect for even the most experienced of technicians. Yet dozens relocate to Austin, Texas every year to join Radiant. Migrating to The Lone Star State often evokes the phrase “Gone to Texas”, applied to the likes of Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, and other Texas revolutionaries. But today, the popular phrase is more applicable than ever, with increasingly more technicians moving to Texas looking for new beginnings and a new adventure. At Radiant, we’re not just looking for the best guy around, we want the right guy. That’s why we recruit nationwide, and when we decide to hire someone, we commit to them 100%. You will not get the job offer if we are not completely certain that Radiant is the perfect fit for you. Our recruitment team helps soon-to-be Austinites research the best places to live and they are more than happy to share insights on the Austin area. Ray took a chance and moved to Austin for Radiant, and he hasn’t looked back since:

Will There Be Room For Personal and Professional Growth?

Many technicians get to a point in their career where they feel like they’re running in place. They’re not moving up in their company and they work their fingers to the bone for little pay. Their personal and professional growth is completely stunted. At Radiant, we’re committed to ensuring the personal and professional growth of all employees. We’re not competitive, we’re team focused. Managers have weekly one-on-one meetings with every single member of their team to ensure they have the tools and support needed to grow. Radiant is all about growth. As the business grows, opportunities appear for those seeking advancement, but more importantly every single manager’s #1 focus is to insure that team members are getting the training they need to achieve all of their business and personal goals.

Will The Company Survive Covid-19?

Despite the many unprecedented issues caused by Covid-19, our company has been able to persevere and even thrive in this time of great uncertainty. From the onset of the pandemic, our incredible team has embraced the pressure and become more motivated than ever to deliver quality service to our community. In 2020, Radiant is on track to achieve a revenue growth of 63% compared to 2019’s revenue, and since March alone, 43 new employees now call Radiant their home. The company’s strong growth has not gone unnoticed and we have been named on Austin Business Journal’s 2020 List of Best Workplaces, as well as the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies. Radiant approached the pandemic with the #1 focus to ensure the safety of employees while maintaining everyone’s abundant income levels. Radiant is proud to declare that not one employee has tested positive for Covid-19 to date. When you join our team you can be rest assured that we can withstand anything, even a global pandemic.

Will Interaction With Co-Workers Drastically Change Due To Covid-19?

Have things changed? Absolutely. But the results have been great. To ensure the safety of our technicians, we have invested in advanced tools such as ozone generators and UV lights in addition to traditional PPE gear. Our warehouse has been transformed with curbside pickup processes that have improved truck restock procedures and decreased lag times in departures to customer homes. These new systems in the field and in the warehouse have worked so well that our owners are considering keeping them in place long term. If you’re familiar with the Radiant work culture, you know that before the pandemic we hosted some great company meetings.  We made sure that these events continued in our virtual workspace with more than a hundred employees tuning in via Zoom. Our leadership team put on a high-energy, interactive presentation by reviewing numbers, setting department goals, giving recognition to top performers, and providing personal development lessons. Social distancing has not stopped us one bit from getting together as a company and motivating one another for the week to come. We have also streamlined training through use of virtual ride alongs and video chat meetings with managers. As you can tell, we take safety and efficiency very seriously. But we still manage to have fun too. Since March 2020, our awesome HR team has hosted weekly virtual events to allow new employees to get to know their coworkers. From virtual happy hours and trivia nights, to virtual escape rooms and employee talent shows. When you join the Radiant team, it won’t be long before you know your coworkers by name.

Radiant is the definition of stability. We’ve been serving communities across Central Texas for over 20 years. If you’re a plumbing or HVAC professional who’s ready to take your career to the next level, discover a Radiant career today. If you have a great attitude, our offices in Austin and San Antonio would love to have you.