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AC Services

In addition to repair, AC services encourage routine maintenance for your system. If you don’t keep up with the health of your air conditioner, its effectiveness could diminish, and its functionality could be jeopardized. To our neighbors in Austin, Lakeway, or even Round Rock, TX, and all around the Austin area, we can agree that we want our air conditioners in constant tip-top shape for when those unexpected heat waves arrive.

At Radiant, our technicians are the 5-star experts that will not only provide impeccable AC service, but also, assurance that your system is running at maximum efficiency.

AC Tune-Ups

Did you know that most HVAC equipment manufacturers recommend a professional tune-up at least once a year? While we are naturally not inclined to call for service when our unit is in working order, there is always potential for minor, non-visible issues to occur that could be remedied before it morphs into a more severe issue later. The concept of AC service is real, and it could save you from thousands of dollars in repair while extending the life of your unit.

Whether you’re seeking a one-time tune-up service or choose to invest in one of our preventative maintenance plans, Radiant is committed to making sure all AC units from Williamson County to Travis County, TX are in complete working order. Our tune-up process may include:

  • Checking Coolant Levels

  • Testing Efficiency

  • Exposing and Fixing Any Present Venting Issues

Our AC service areas span as far north as Georgetown to central Austin and all the way south towards Kyle, TX, as well as towns west of us such as Lakeway, TX and east of us such as Pflugerville.

Other AC Services Provided by Our Experts

We know that AC service isn’t always going to be as simplistic as a tune-up. That’s why we offer these additional service options for when your AC unit is experiencing a more significant problem in Austin, TX:

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning: The Best AC Service Team in Texas

Radiant’s AC service technicians are experts in their craft, and they place a high value on impeccable service from ‘hello’ to ‘have a wonderful day.’

The goal is to assure that you have a unit that is running with optimal efficiency, and that means providing expert craftsmanship to every job we service. From AC tune-ups to emergency AC services, Radiant’s AC pros are driven to provide same-day solutions that are accomplished with excellence. Our 5-star team of AC technicians will strategize with you to provide a customized solution for your cooling needs.

The heat and humidity should never seep into the comfort of your home, especially with the inevitable Texas summers that radiate through Travis County areas such as Lakeway, TX or Williamson County areas such as Round Rock, TX. As the #1 HVAC company in Austin, TX, Radiant is your premier AC service provider. While we like to be the coolest kids on the block with our ‘Keep Austin Weird’ vibe, we also like to spread the cool with our outstanding AC services. Contact us today to meet with one of our expert AC technicians!

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