10 Tips From Radiant’s Plumbing Service Professionals

18 January 2017
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Not sure where your emergency shut off valve is? Do you know what cleaners are safe to clean your drains? How many plungers do you need in your home? Got a backup sump pump? If any of these questions don’t have easy answers, don’t sweat it. These 10 tips from our plumbing service team should help you be 10 steps closer to managing your plumbing system with peace of mind.

Radiant: The Clear Choice for Plumbing Service

Understanding your home’s plumbing system doesn’t have to be a foreign language. Radiant has a team of plumbing service professionals ready and waiting to help you decode and debunk any plumbing problems you may experience.

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10 Tips from Radiant’s Plumbing Service Professionals

  1. Emergency Shut Off Valve – Knowing where your emergency shut off valve is can mean the difference in minor and major flooding with a burst pipe. You can avoid costly cleanup, water damage, and mold by knowing where to head at the first sign of trouble.
  2. Flush Valve – This is a small part in your toilet with a lot of power. If you hear your toilet running long after you flush, you may need to replace them. This is a skill you may not need a professional for and can do yourself. If your flush valves are broken or worn out, replacing them could save you a lot of money on your water bills.
  3. Garbage Disposal – Do you know the do’s and don’ts of your garbage disposal? You can avoid costly repairs or pesky blockages by knowing what to throw away and what is safe to grind up. Egg shells, coffee grounds, bones, and corn husks are just a few of the items not to try and churn down your pipes, but you can find a complete list with a little research.
  4. Insulate Your Pipes – in order to save yourself the huge hassle of a broken pipe in the winter, you should insulate your pipes if your climate tends to freeze fairly often. This could be a simple solution like faucet covers, but exposed pipes may need thermoelectric tape to ensure they stay warm enough to function with out malfunction. A plumbing service professional can even help you locate pipes you may not know need to be wrapped up!
  5. Plunger Count – Every toilet in your home needs its own plunger. If a backup in your toilet is followed by running water, time is of the essence and a plunger needs to be readily accessible. Store them behind your toilet and one under your sink to help take care of minor backups in a timely matter and save clean-up in the case of a mess.
  6. Drain Cleaner Safety – Over-the-counter cleaners can destroy your pipes if you’re not aware of what your plumbing was built with. Drano may seem like a good answer but could lead to a major problem if you’ve got plastic plumbing that will be destroyed. Until you know, stay cautious with your cleaners. Recurring blockages may need to be addressed by a licensed plumber.
  7. Sump Pump Backup – Did you know your septic tank needs a backup in case of power outages? Because it will stop working – and collecting water from your basement – you may be in for some bad news if you don’t have an emergency/overflow sump pump. These are battery-powered so they continue doing the job until the power is restored. Don’t get caught without one, as it could mean expensive and nasty clean up.
  8. Water Heater 4-1-1 – Your water heater may need an upgrade, but knowing exactly which one is best for you is key. Your options include a storage tank, a tankless, or a heat pump. Each has their own set of pro’s and con’s, but the size of your home or office may be better suited to one or the other. At Radiant, your water heater choice will be assisted by a knowledgeable plumbing service professional.
  9. Ventilation – Having ventilation where it counts is important to avoid mold and keep your air quality clean. Your bathroom should have vents to help keep moisture from turning into a problem. Be sure proper ventilation is taken into account when doing renovations.
  10. Yard faucets & Irrigation – Your monthly water bill could be skyrocketing from unseen plumbing problems in your yard and sprinkler system. Check exterior fixtures, irrigation, and pipes to make sure they’re not the cause of a steady drip – which will steadily drain your wallet, too!

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